Making contact better – Your child and you

When parents have separated, contact can be challenging and emotionally painful for the children and their non-resident parent.

It is important to make every contact count, and deliver what your child needs most.


Rejection is one of the hardest emotions to deal with. Not only does it feel like betrayal, it often involves real betrayal — and with it the collapse of Trust. To then find yourself Single is nothing short of an offence against the soul; A slap in the face of everything you thought you stood for; and a punishing combination of denial and cruel self-analysis.

Becoming Single. The Life after.

Case: “I never wanted to be single. My entire life has been within relationships. My last relationship lasted 15 years and since it ended, I have become lost. As I became more dependent on my former partner, I withdrew more and more from the outside world. Everything we did was done together, from the shopping to going out. The only thing I did myself, was take the kids to school and back. I have become depressed with everything. I am so jumpy too, especially if someone comes to the front door. Scares me half to death. I spoke to my GP who said I needed some CBT. And I am on the list. But it is months away. I want to do more. But I just do not know where to start. How do I live with life on my own?”

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