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Authored by Cambridge and Ely based Professional McKenzie Friend | Andrew Weeden

Brief guide to Appeals

Permission to Appeal — When a Judge issues a direction or decision that you believe was contrary to the applicable law, the only option open to you is to make a formal appeal.

Part 25 Experts

A part 25 expert is a specialist who becomes involved in Child Arrangements cases.

Private Mediation

Our aim is to, like a number of Law Professionals, better support parents and the Family Court, in arriving at Child Arrangements Orders while taking away as much of the acrimony and time-lag as possible, from the process.

Safeguarding and Stopping Contact

by Andrew Weeden | McKenzie Friend based in Cambridge and Ely A concern has been raised about the safety and welfare of your Child. You have been told that you should enable safeguarding and stop contact with the other parent. What should you do, and where do you stand legally?


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